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Read this Periscope for a quick introduction to the Lunch & Learn given by Kim Callinan, President of Compassion and Choices and national expert on how to create an elegant and dignified end-of-life plan. If you allow your loved ones to avoid a conversation about their end-of-life plan, you are making their journey more difficult...
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retired couple hiking assets and income financial planning
Retirees face unpleasant taxes on Medicare Karl Frank recently published an article in Retirement Investor about an unpleasant surtax for some retirees. Read this post to learn more about the Medicare surtax that might surprise you. One of the least pleasant surprises in retirement is to find out that you suddenly have to pay more...
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2022 investment outlook
Our 2022 Outlook is Cautiously Optimistic Our base-case scenario is that the pandemic recedes (but doesn’t disappear), the global economy slows but still grows above trend, corporate earnings growth slows but is still solid, the U.S. rate of inflation remains elevated but is falling, and U.S. interest rates rise moderately.   That would be a...
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