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Annalee Kruger presentation on aging plans

An aging plan helps you make difficult decisions now and communicate them to your loved ones. This way, you can live with independence and dignity all the days of your life on earth.  Watch our Aging Plans movie to learn more!

Skip ahead to:

    • Questions an aging plan answers (19 min)
    • Family meetings (28 min)
    • Understand the disease your loved one suffers with (35 min)
    • Understand care options (39 min)
    • Understand the cost of care (43 min)
    • Understand the importance of self-care, caregiver burnout (45 min)
    • Grab and go binder (52 min)
    • Q&A, including what if I have no kids? (55 min)
    • How do you plan when you do not have a prognosis? (62 min)
    • One thing to do to get started today (66 min)

Annalee is an international speaker on aging issues, and a nationally recognized expert. She spoke to us for over an hour about her decades of experience, and gave us practical advice for how to age with dignity and independence.

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