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“Annalee is a very good speaker on this subject and gave us a lot to think about. Some of the things she recommended are things we’ve already done or have started doing, and she provided good motivation to complete the tasks.”  

An aging plan helps you make difficult decisions now and communicate them to your loved ones. This way, you can live with independence and dignity all the days of your life on earth.

We have helped, and are helping, many people put together plans to live in dignity and independence. A major initiative for our team is to prepare as many families as we can to achieve their goals. We want you see our elder plan, learn how we organize all the complicated, interrelated tasks, and prioritize your decisions. From here, we have a framework for what to expect as we age. 

Elder plan in one page

Here are some examples of what all of us face as we age:

  • Where will we live?
  • Who will take care of us?
  • What is our Plan B?

I bet you want to live the rest of your life at your home. Most of us do!  And, many of us would prefer a partner, or children, or other close family member to provide care as they age. Learn about the risks, pitfalls, and hear stories about how this may (or may not) work out. 

Most Americans do not die at home, but instead we pass away in a facility. Furthermore, many caregivers are burned out! We underestimate the amount of time, energy, expertise and stress required to provide care. We all benefit from outside expertise at the very end of our lives. So…

Start putting together your plan now. We’ll provide some tools for you to have productive, impactful conversations with your loved ones. An aging plan is a plan to live our best lives until that one, unexpected, inevitable day. Let’s live life to the fullest!

Videos, White Papers and Other Resources

Here are a few recordings of recent lunch and learn events at our office along with some additional resources:
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Check out the most recent lunch and learn, Aging Plans with Annalee Kruger. Annalee is an international speaker on aging issues, and a nationally recognized expert. She spoke to us for over an hour about her decades of experience, and gave us practical advice for how to age with dignity and independence.

Learn about the surprising statistics surrounding the costs of healthcare in retirement.

Learn all about ways to dispose of your body after you pass away with special guest, Vanessa Johnston. Plus, learn the three plans you need as we age

Elder CareAn elder plan helps you live purposefully when you need other people’s help. Learn more here.

Life PlanningWhat is guardianship, conservatorship, power of attorney, and more? How do these things affect my family and my estate? Check out this informative booklet.

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