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China, a story about when I grew up…

Read this Periscope for insights into the world’s second largest economy and how it is influencing the culture and behavior of the world at large.

When I grew up in Singapore…

So begins our conversation with Louis Lau, one of our investment managers who specializes in investing in China. Over the past decades, you might argue that no other country has changed as quickly as China. Furthermore, I might argue that no other country in the history of the world has changed more than China. That point, of course, is unprovable…but I hope it is provocative!

When I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado, my mother would say “Eat your peas! Think of all the starving children in China!” So, I ate my peas. Imagine how things have changed! 1.4 billion people live in China and very few of them are starving today. The wealth of the Chinese is 1/6th that of the average wealth of Americans, but that has increased dramatically over our lifetimes.

The downside, among other things, of this is autocracy. The Chinese are not free.

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Vaccine Diplomacy
Louis Lau offers fascinating insights into what he calls “Vaccine Diplomacy.”  As China grows in power, they are exercising it, especially on their own people with massive crackdowns. They brag about shutting down a city like Shanghai and forcing millions of Covid tests for every resident. In the near future, this is likely untenable, even for China.

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