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Recently, Stacey and I had a chance to visit Tanzania. Truly, the trip of a lifetime. One of the adventures gave me perspective on financial planning and investing. I learned a traditional way to make coffee. We took a coffee bean from the plant all the way to the pot and then poured a cup...
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Assessing financial situation
Some of the Best Parts of Our Future May be in International Investments Capital Group offers some timely and timeless advice. Where does the company earn its returns? Think about where the companies sell their products, not just where they are headquartered. What determines most of that company’s success is not what you might think:...
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global investment outlook
  China, a story about when I grew up… Read this Periscope for insights into the world’s second largest economy and how it is influencing the culture and behavior of the world at large. When I grew up in Singapore… So begins our conversation with Louis Lau, one of our investment managers who specializes in...
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is china on the rise?
  China is going its own way As I discussed at the beginning of this year, China is going its own way. With the world’s second largest economy and the fastest growth rate of any large country, they are flexing economic strength. Read more: Our 2022 Outlook is Cautiously Optimistic Watch the video from January:...
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Live off Investments
Read this post for our investment research partners’ perspective on the first three months of 2022. Clearly, the changes in the world are outside our scope. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine beginning February 24, 2022 changes a lot of things. Our focus in this Periscope is to discuss the investment threats and opportunities we faced, and...
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