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Asset Protection Video and Podcast

Learn from the expert network team in a podcast or an online movie. Karl Frank, Nathan Merrill, Mike Miller and Jeff Krommendyk about ways to protect your assets during these turbulent times! Subscribe to the podcast or watch the video on our website.


There are four types of asset protection. We help you protect:
  1. Financial assets
  2. Property
  3. Confidential information
  4. Personal security

In the conversation, the expert network team discusses the various ways we can protect our financial and property assets. First and foremost, insurance is the best defense. Having the right amount of insurance and knowing what it does and does not cover is paramount to a successful asset protection strategy.

After insuring the risks appropriately, we can further ensure our safety with legal tools. Mike Miller and Nathan Merrill discuss the pros and cons of legal structures. Some of these include trusts, corporations and a combination of other advanced planning ideas.

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    Karl Frank, Certified Financial Planner ®, MSF, MBA, MA, is the President of A&I Financial Services LLC, a local business that specializes in wealth management, insurance planning, and retirement planning. Karl cares for business owners and the businesses that care for them. Learn More about Karl.