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is china on the rise?


China is going its own way

As I discussed at the beginning of this year, China is going its own way. With the world’s second largest economy and the fastest growth rate of any large country, they are flexing economic strength.

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China has made the news most recently for not speaking out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On any given day, you can listen to a pundit or read an expert about why China will not do this. Of course, no one knows the real reasons why. However, with perspective and thoughtfulness, you can glean insight into China’s behavior. I believe that if you can find the time to watch our entire China interview, you may learn some surprising insights about what motivates China. They are going their own way in large part because that is what is best for China…irrespective of what may be best for the rest of the world.

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We hit a home run!
We recently interviewed one of our investment managers about China. As one of our clients put it, “you hit a home run with that speaker about China!” The interview was so informative, and our client questions so numerous, it went on for a full hour!

To learn more about China and how you may benefit from investing in a global world, contact your wealth manager! Conversely, if you are worried about China, you may also want to contact your wealth manager.
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