Episode 23: Paying for College Part 1 of 2

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Episode Summary

March 16, 2021 | 00:24:36 | E23

How do you pay for college? Cameron Morgan with A&I Financial Services explains to the experts some great info about how 529 plans really work.

  • Make sure the IRS doesn’t charge you taxes or penalties—hint 1009Q and 1098T.
  • Learn about how much people actually receive from outside resources including scholarships, merit aid, grants, the Colorado Opportunity Fund and more.
  • Learn why it is often better to apply to a lower-ranked school than the best school—be strategic! Learn about the pros and cons of using a Roth IRA for college—and whose Roth IRA, kid’s, parents or grandparents.
  • Learn about how even $50 in a kid’s college fund might be able to increase their chances of going to college.
  • Learn how you can get your money out of a 529 plan if your student gets a scholarship or other financial aid.
  • Learn about how being eccentric and not well-rounded can help you. And make sure to hang out for the Holy Cow! moment with Cameron as she shares a great secret.
  • Plus, check out the show-notes with “Having the College Money Talk with Your Kids” and a link for a free consultation.