Market is at All-Time Highs! How Do I Invest for Retirement Income Now?

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Market is at all-time highs, should I wait to invest or invest now?

We have never had the markets reach as high as they have recently. When we talk with clients, they often tell us “it is due for a correction.”

I just know it.

Well, maybe. What we do know is there are no facts about the future.

Here is what we do have: history. And, whether you believe it or not, the day that equity markets hit a new high, historically, the odds increase that the next day will also be an up day.

What do investors think?

The AAII Investor Survey comes out every week and measures the feelings of individual investors. It is a volatile result. People, on the whole, often change how they feel about equity markets. Today, these feelings are not exuberant. And this is likely good news.

That may be contrary to what you think. Research shows investors historically feel most confident right before a crash. Note that we do not follow this survey except as entertainment.

Retiring into Equity Markets at All-time Highs

So what does it mean to retire into the markets when they are at all-time highs? A large dose of humility goes a long way towards success right now. You may want to check out our recent podcasts to learn more!

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