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How good it feels to help her get a good start in life!


Mike and Kate

Mike and Kate came to us having just turned 50. They had enrolled both of their sons in a local private high school that aligned with their values and goals for their sons. However, high school tuition cost more than they’d expected; their sensible money habits left them ineligible for much aid there. Now the money they’d set aside from the sale of a rental property was being depleted, and the boys hadn’t even started college yet!


College Money Report

Learn about our process and how you can plan for and pay for the right college for your child. Learn how much colleges think you can afford, how much you can actually afford, and how much you can expect in financial aid, scholarships and more.

Paying for College

Without Robbing Retirement

We have lots of help paying for college, but only ourselves for retirement. We do not want to ever rob ourselves of a healthy retirement to provide our kids a chance at an expensive education. Instead, let’s look at the five sources of college funding for each family: Parent resources, parent loans, student resources, student loans, and every other source of funding.

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Listen to Cameron Morgan explain how to pay for college with a plan. In this two-part series, Cameron breaks down our approach to helping families get the most money they can from all possible sources. Learn how to talk with your kids about the expense, and much more!

Two-part podcast on paying for college: Part 1 and Part 2.

Cameron Morgan

College Expert

Next steps

Contact your financial advisor. On our team, we have a number of financial planners who specialize in helping our clients pay for college. Contact your financial advisor and ask for help!

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